Doris Humphrey Timeline – including Major Works

1895 Born October 17 in Oak Park
1915 Graduates Francis Parker, begins teaching
1918 Joins Denishawn
1919 •Valse Caprice (Scarf)
1920 •Soaring, Sonata Pathetique (With St. Denis)
1923 •Scherzo Waltz (Hoop)
1925 Tours Orient with Denishawn
1928 Leaves Denishawn, firest independent concert and formation of Humphry-Weidman Group
•Air for the G String
•Color Harmony
•Water Study
1929 •Life of the Bee
•The Call/Breath of Fire
1930 First season Dance Repertory Theatre •Drama of Motion
1931 •The Shakers
•Dances for Women
•Two Ecstatic Themes
1932 Marries Charles Francis Woodford •Dionysiaques
•Pleasures of Counterpoint
1933 Birth of son, Charles Humphrey Woodford •School for Husbands
1934 First summer at Bennington, the site of many important premieres by all major modern dance figures during the next decade •Rude Poema
1935 Humphrey-Weidman makes first national tour by a modern dance company, establishes college circuit •Theatre Piece, New Dance
•With My Red Fires
1938 •Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor
1939 •Square Dances
1940 Humphrey-Weidman Studio Theatre opens in NYC •Song of the West
1942 Joint Humphrey-Limon Concert •Partita in G Major
•Four Chorale Preludes
1943 •El Salon Mexico
1944 Humphery’s last dancing role
Dissolution of Humphrey-Weidman •Inquest
1946 Humphrey directs new Jose Limon Dance Company •Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias
•The Story of Mankind
1947 •Day on Earth
1948 First American Dance Festival Held at Connecticut College
1949 Guggenheim Fellowship
1951 Joins faculty of new Dance Department at Juilliard •Night Spell
1953 Humphrey directs new dance company for children – The Merry-Go-Rounders •Ritmo Jundo
•Ruins and Visions
1954 Wins Capezio Award for Outstanding Contributions to Modern Dance
Juilliard Dance Theatre formed under Humphrey’s direction •Felipe El Loco
1957 •Dance Overture
1958 Finishes book, The Art of Making Dances
Begins autobiography
Dies on December 29
1959 •Brandenburg Concerto (Premiere posthumous)